thank you all
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Congratulations to all our amazing UDH’ers, especially Caitlin Gallogly, Cheryl Brickey, Katie Dempster, Karen Rowinsky, Kali Falk and the UDH Steering Committee members, for a resounding victory in the recall election.  This victory would not have been possible without all the dedication of many volunteers from around the state and indeed the nation, who made phone calls, sent texts and wrote nearly 48,000 postcards in support of the No vote.

This is not only a victory for California and the nation, it is also a win for voting rights, a woman’s right to choose, justice for immigrants, combatting climate change and many other important issues for Democrats and progressives.  However, the fight has just begun.  The midterm elections are right around the corner, and there are several Republican House seats around the state that are in play.  These will be close elections and will require hard work on the local level.  With the slim Democratic margin in the House, California will be critical to holding onto a Democratic majority.

Again, thank you all for a great victory this week.  You can be very proud of your efforts.

Best wishes,

Hoyt Hilsman, Chair

United Democratic Headquarters Steering Committee

Pasadena, California

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